Champion: Wooster

Wooster Girls Volleyball


Offensive POY: Sara Snowbarger (Sophomore) - Wooster

Defensive POY: Audrey Stuller (Sophomore) - Mount Vernon

Coach of the Year: Jen Snowbarger - Wooster


First Team

Name Grade School
Ava Brown Sophomore Lexington
Megan Lantis Senior Wooster
Tatum Stover Sophomore Lexington
Emma Dean Senior Mount Vernon
Emma Valentine Senior Ashland
Sidney Vandall Junior New Philadelphia
Josie Wright Senior Wooster
Ava Riesen Junior New Philadelphia


Second Team

Name Grade School
Bella Temple Sophomore Lexington
Kaitlyn Thompson Junior Mount Vernon
Grace Jones Junior Wooster
Lilly Pool Senior Ashland
Brianna Hewitt Sophomore Wooster
Cielo Jacobus Senior Madison
Tori Burdette Senior Mount Vernon
Ellie Mason Junior New Philadelphia
Allie Snyder Junior West Holmes


Honorable Mention


Name Grade School
Jenna Hartson Senior Ashland
Katelyn Aber Sophomore Ashland
Kylie Thornton Sophomore Lexington
Jenna Lehnhart Senior Lexington
Maddie Berry Sophomore Madison
Addison Farris Junior Madison
Amelia Auchard Junior Mansfield
Adazianna Manns Senior Mansfield
Ady Beaver Senior Mount Vernon
Jurnie Gleason Senior Mount Vernon
Kallyn Perks Senior New Philadelphia
Marisa Loader Sophomore New Philadelphia
Sophie Oliver Senior West Holmes
Maggie Ryan Sophomore West Holmes
Emily Boyd Junior Wooster
Kylie Timko Junior Wooster


Final Conference Standings

School Record
Wooster 14-0
Lexington 11-3
Mount Vernon 11-3
New Philadelphia 8-6
Ashland 5-9
Madison 4-10
West Holmes 3-11
Mansfield 0-14
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